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Become a Miss Candidate
(Ages 19 to 26)

Eligibility to compete:


Must be a woman between the ages of 19 and 26 as of December 31st, 2023.


Must be a United States Citizen.


Must live, work, or be a student full time in the state of Washington. Additionally, must live, work, or be student full time in Yakima County if competing for Miss Yakima County


Must meet character criteria as set forth by the official Miss America contract. (See contract)


Must not hold a title in the Miss America Organization or another similar system at the time of the competition.


Should you win, must commit to competing in the Miss Washington 2023 competition.

Photos of the 2021 Miss Washington Competition Courtesy of Keith Krueger
To learn more about the Miss America elegibility guidelines click here.

Areas of Competition:

Worth 35%

The Private Interview is 9 and 1/2 minute press-style interview with an optional 30-second closing statement where the candidate is expected to exhibit the qualities and attributes of a Miss America. Candidates will be judged on their overall first impression, personality, intelligence.


Worth 15% (in combo with SIP)

During the On-stage Interview Candidates respond to a question written by one of the judges. These questions are formulated based on topics discussed in the candidate's private interview. The contestant is judged on their sense of confidence, ability to hold a conversation, speak publicly, defend their views, and exhibit sincerity. In combination with the Social Impact Pitch, this portion is worth 15% of the candidate's score.

Onstage Interview

Worth 15% (in combo with OSI)

Immediately following the Onstage Interview, the candidate will deliver a 10 to 20 second Social Impact Pitch, which at her discretion can include a statement on her socail initiative’s importance, her work and plans with the initiative, or other educational information. In combination with the Onstage Interview, this is worth 15% of the candidate's score.

Social Impact Pitch

Worth 35%

The talent competition is a 1 minute and 30 seconds representation of the candidates unique abilities and can be anything from singing, to dancing, to jump-roping, to presenting a monologue. This phase is judged on technical skill, execution, stage presence;  and the totality of all elements, including costume and props.


Worth 15%

Evening wear is an opportunity for candidates to exhibit their sense of style and grace. Candidates are judged on their sense of confidence, personality, stage presence, and sincerity. In addition, their technique, including walk and posture is taken into consideration.

Evening Wear

What You Win:

  • Official Miss America local crown and sash

  • A $1,000 Scholarship

  • A chance to compete for the title of Miss Washington 2023 and potentially Miss America 2024

  • Miss Washington preparation to include mock interviews, mock pageants, paperwork consultations, and wardrobe consultations.

  • Official photos (sponsored by Danielle Bailey Photography)

  • Autograph cards

  • Official Royalty Bouquet

Next Steps:


Fill out the Application and attend A virtual orientation


Fill out the paperwork


Prepare for the competition!

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